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Borrowing money without income – that’s how I did it

Borrow money without salary

If you want to borrow money without having an income, it can be very frustrating. How I managed to get an instant loan without proof of income! And also how you can lend money today without income. I have briefly and succinctly summarized this for you in this article.

Who can lend me money even if I am unemployed? Or as a student, housewife or freelancer? How can I borrow money without having to provide evidence?

Borrowing money without proof of income – that’s how it works

Borrowing money without proof of income - that

For most people, quick loans are not uncommon: whether it’s a fast car loan, a new television or real estate financing – more and more people need more money and are looking for a simple, quick and easy way to borrow money!

Borrow money without credit bureau and proof of income

Borrow money without credit bureau and proof of income

However, it is much more complicated to get paid if you are unemployed. If you want to apply for a loan without an income, then this endeavor (with traditional banks) is quite difficult.

And even getting a credit line at your house bank will not be easy. I myself was in the same situation and I did not know how to lend money without salary allowance.

So what to do? Is it also possible to take out a loan without a bank? And if so, how and where can you apply for an instant loan without proof of income? How can I borrow money without income and other collateral?

The good news in advance. It is absolutely possible to get money if you have no job or no job. After many failures and dozens of cancellations from banks, however, I had found out what I had to do to get a loan without payroll.

Get credit without income


There I stood in Munich with my children – without money and without work. It was really not funny and the naked fear drove me into the bones. I had to borrow money immediately without proof of income – but all banks had declined my loan request.

Borrowing money without a job and without work seemed to have become almost impossible for me. But I knew there had to be a solution to my financial hardship.

What do students who have no job and still have to provide a lightning loan without evidence?

Credit as a student without income

Credit as a student without income

I knew that some friends of mine were at university. And no matter if your cell phone was financed with a installment or a friend of mine had got a 500 Euro credit without proof of income.

As a student it was probably possible to lend easier money. But that did not help me because I was not a student but I still needed an instant loan with no proof of income.

Quick money borrow without proof of income

Quick money borrow without proof of income

I realized very quickly that things could not go on like this. I mean, I knew I could not get upset about why some people got a loan without a steady income from a bank.

My inquiries were always dismantled. I had to find out how the other people were doing it. How could you immediately get cash without proof of income, but not me?

The solution to this problem lies in the application. How to apply for a loan without income and what exactly did I have to consider?

I found out two key points that decided whether I could borrow money without income or not.

  1. The selection of a suitable lender
  2. The selection of the appropriate loan type

Who lends me private money?

It does not matter if it is to take a loan or a quick microcredit. Financing is usually not a problem if you have a regular income and can prove to the bank that you can easily settle the accumulated loan installments.

But what happens if you are in urgent need of money but have no income? And what should be taken into account if you want to apply for an instant loan?

What are the options for borrowing money quickly and easily in this case?

What are the options for borrowing money quickly and easily in this case?

Students, housewives and the unemployed are just a few of those groups of people who come across this problem.

Borrowing money online: How is this possible?

Borrowing money online: How is this possible?

When it comes to giving a loan or a small loan without a fixed income, it is difficult to borrow money from traditional banks. Commercial banks usually have a rigid procedure when it comes to a microcredit. Especially if you have no regular income. So what to do?

First the good news. Borrowing money without income is absolutely possible. Because I too was in the same situation and managed to get money the same day without income! I was in the situation where I needed money fast. And my house bank was too cumbersome and the process of lending just took way too long.

I did not want to and could not wait weeks to get paid. So I searched the Internet to find private financial service providers where I could lend money privately!

Where can I borrow money quickly?

Where can I borrow money quickly?

If, for example, you want to take out a loan as a housewife without income, then you can use this option. An advantage of this is that the application does not require payroll or other proof of income.

Fortunately, there is no single regulation – so any private lender can decide for themselves whether they want to grant a loan. Borrowing money without proof of income is taboo for most banks. But not for private investors.

The requirements for a private loan are usually easier than those of a bank. And when you get an offer, it’s important to read and understand the terms.

What you should know if you want to borrow money without income!

What you should know if you want to borrow money without income!

In most cases, it is a so-called mini-loan, which is valid only up to a certain amount and is completely paid off in a few months.e bank refrains from paying any salary, it generally costs significantly higher interest. And also very hüfig additional fees are to be paid for the processing and execution are charged.

And even if you want to borrow money without income, that’s the same. Thus, not only a classic credit institution earns, but of course private Kaptialgeber.

As a general rule, all loans without a fixed income must have all the information entered in the application form true. Otherwise, of course, it can happen that the loan is terminated without notice and the outstanding installments must be repaid immediately.

Who gives money to students?

For a large proportion of students in Germany, studying represents a considerable financial hurdle that can only be overcome with support or a side job. And even then often there are still deficits. Because studying is always the number one priority, there is often too little time for secondary employment.

Getting money without taking credit seems to be almost impossible for many students. As a rule, you need an income for a loan! Banks seemingly overslept their offerings for students. Fortunately, private investors have products that are just right for this target group. Students keep coming up to me with the question: Where can I borrow money if not at the bank?

What do banks demand for security?

What do banks demand for security?

Every bank will demand a certain amount of security from their customer if they want to borrow money urgently and ask themselves. Who can lend me money today? Because a small loan without proof of income reduces their own risk in the event of default.

How can I borrow money quickly as an unemployed person?

How can I borrow money quickly as an unemployed person?

People who want to borrow cash immediately without income usually get this much easier if they can provide collateral. That could, for example. the car, a life insurance, a home or even a savings account with a long term.

While the bank makes the money available, the corresponding goods are, so to speak, a “pledge” that is given to the bank – after the loan has been fully paid off, the security comes back into the possession of the customer. Under these conditions, borrowing money without income from banks will be possible.

Other options include a guarantee or private money lenders. In this case, a second person is included in the credit agreement, which has a good credit rating and is liable for the credit default in the event of its own insolvency.

Borrow money and still pay today – who lends money or where can I borrow money?

Is it really possible, you can still borrow money from private persons today? The good news right away. Yes, it is possible to get cash in 24 hours. However, banks rarely have their fingers in the game – rather they are private credit intermediaries that are represented in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria.

If you want to lend money quickly and easily from private lenders, then you can fall back on some reputable providers on the Internet. With suitable lenders, you can get a loan at short notice without having to provide income proof.

This is called the Tackcredit – you can thus within a few hours a small amount z. Borrow 500 euros. It is therefore an immediate microcredit without proof of income.

The only drawback: Mostly, the interest rates for an instant loan are relatively high. Because, of course, must be taken into account: Even this type of credit is a financial risk for any private lender – the customer has no income, the risk of default is also significantly higher.

Who gives me private money?

Who gives me private money?

You should be particularly careful if you want to borrow money online. So be careful when signing the contract. Unwanted additional products such as savings contracts or insurance are often added here.

The vendors are usually after a brazen scam: If you are urgently looking for a financial backer, you overlook the hedge often the fine print. So it may be that you sign something that you really did not want to have.

So always be on guard and read the contracts always complete and attentive – even if the time should push. In principle, there are also loans for the unemployed – but one should be aware that these groups of people are examined particularly accurately by the bank.

And of course, private lenders also check your credit bureau score and credit rating. Nevertheless, thanks to serious private investors lending money without income is possible. Financing is quite a hurdle here, since no regular income is achieved.

In this case, the bank assumes that a repayment is in jeopardy, which is why the credit rating or possible collateral are scrutinized.

It is clear that the unemployed must meet the same requirements for a loan as a group of people with a fixed income! There must be a German bank account and a German principal residence.

The regular income can also be confirmed by the Employment Agency, if you receive social benefits. Maybe there is someone in the family and circle of friends who can help out with a loan at short notice.

If you have a financial shortage and sfd. Need a 500 euro loan without proof of income? Borrowing money from friends is something that is often done and therefore legitimate.

Get money without credit

Get money without credit

Of course, for a self, this would be a much safer option, which would also be cheaper. Because in most cases you have no interest in families and friends. In addition, one does not have to expect immediate legal consequences with short-term payment problems! Of course, it is always synonymous with personal loans to set up a written contract for the repayment. A loan agreement is beneficial for both sides!

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