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Loans online for bad credit -Can I apply for online loan bad credit?


An online ID loan is an alternative way to get a cash boost. In Smart Loan, the level of granting payday loans is very high, because the client is not verified in terms of being in the debtor database at BIK. What’s more, he doesn’t incur any additional fees for taking the first loan.

Smart Loan is a well-known and experienced company in which the verification process of borrowers is quick and easy, and the entire transaction takes place without waiting in long queues to the bank. The instant proof loan is available completely online to reach our bank account after a quarter of an hour. 

Can I apply for online loan bad credit?

Non -bank companies, go to ‚Üí, offer clients quick online loans for bad credit. 

New customers can get a first loan up to PLN 3,000 for free – 0% APRC, no interest, commissions and additional costs. We give back only as much as we borrowed. There is one condition – debt repayment within 30 days.

What if we are unable to pay the debt on time? Then it is worth completing the refinancing application, i.e. extending the loan repayment period, thanks to which we will have more time to cover all receivables and avoid penalty interest.

Smart loan = fast online loan

Smart loan = fast online loan

The basis for obtaining a loan is applying from any device that has access to the Internet. Unlike banking procedures, this is definitely a more flexible form of receiving cash. Financing the renovation, car repair, vacation at the seaside… – in fact, the money obtained can be used for any purpose or sudden and unexpected situation. Because applications are processed in just a few minutes, and a quarter of an hour later the entire amount is already in our bank account.

It is enough that:

  • you are between 19 and 23 years old and you are a Polish citizen,
  • you have an ID card, bank account and email address
  • you have permanent employment
  • you are not on the list of debtors in BIG Infomonitor and ERiF.

By meeting the above conditions, we can easily complete the online loan form.

How do you get your first loan in Smart Loan?

How do you get your first loan in Smart Loan?

The whole process involves submitting a loan application, which is verified by the company in the next few minutes to be successful, in the form of additional money on our account. In the first place, however, it is necessary to register the customer on the official Smart Loans page, then use the slider to choose the amount and the repayment period. We can choose loans for 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30days. Then we fill in our personal data, supplemented with a bank account and telephone number, information about the workplace and monthly salary. The last step is to confirm our identity with a verification transfer for 1 penny. The decision to grant payday payment for proof will appear a few minutes after submitting the application electronically. 

Importantly, Smart Loan is a company that offers its services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, thanks to which receiving additional cash will not be a problem in an unexpected situation.

What about next payday loans?

What about next payday loans?

Customers who apply for another loan must reckon with additional fees and interest, but they can request a higher amount. Importantly, the shorter the repayment period we choose, the lower additional costs will be charged to us.

In turn, regular customers can join the Loyalty Program, thanks to which they will receive discounts for cheaper payday loans up to 25%, up to the amount of PLN 7,000.

The status of a loyal customer in Smart Loan

The status of a loyal customer in Smart Loan

  • SILVER CUSTOMER – 5%, with a 2 loan up to PLN 3,500
  • GOLDEN CUSTOMER – 10%, with a loan of 3-4, up to PLN 4,000
  • VIP CUSTOMER – 15%, with a 5-6 loan up to 5000 PLN
  • PREMIUM CUSTOMER – 20%, with a 7-8 loan up to PLN 6,000
  • CUSTOMER ROYAL – 25%, at 9 and another loan up to PLN 7,000

Loan for proof without BIK

Thanks to a smart loan for proof without BIK, receiving financial support is much easier and more pleasant than at banks, which analyze our creditworthiness in detail, while payday loans are verified almost immediately. That is why the non-bank loan in Smart Loan is targeted at people who care about the convenience, comfort and security of borrowing money. Transparent rules, clear costs, and above all immediate financial support, which is worth using, while remembering not to fall into a spiral of unnecessary debt.

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