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Post Pay Loan-How to get a loan with Personal Payday Loan

Post Pay loan is for personal payday loan holders. In our guide we will help you find out what are the methods to get the Post Pay loan quickly and without too many steps.


  • How to get a loan with a personal payday loan
  • The necessary guarantees
  • What you need to process the request
  • Times to get the loan with personal payday loan Evolution
  • The interests
  • The loan with personal payday loan for the protested subjects
  • personal payday loans for temporary workers

How to get a loan with a personal payday loan

How to get a loan with Personal Payday

If you need to obtain a loan from Pink Bank you must have a personal payday loan. On the official post office website you can find all the necessary information and you will also find all the options you can choose from. Here are the options that Pink Bank offers:

  • PinkBank Mini Loans can be obtained with personal payday loan with which you can only request small amounts up to 3,000 euros. The money is obtained quickly in maximum 2 or 3 days. The credit is received directly on a personal payday loan and the monthly repayment will be deducted from the same;
  • PinkBank Loans with Post Pay Evolution reach a maximum of 30,000 euros. The money will be paid out on the card and also withdrawn monthly from the card. The loan must be repaid from 24 up to a maximum of 84 months.

To obtain a loan with a personal payday loan you need:

To obtain a loan with Personal Payday you need:

  • Have an age between 18 and 75;
  • Have residence in Italy and if foreigners for at least 12 months;
  • Have an income from work or a pension.

To find out if there are further rules to be followed, we recommend calling any post office to ask for detailed information.

The necessary guarantees

The necessary guarantees

Also for the loan with a personal payday loan, you have to give guarantees that are the same even for those who are on the list of bad payers or for those who have been protested. The guarantees to be provided also at the post office are the following:

  • The pension: a solid guarantee that affects the duration and number of installments;
  • The payslip: it helps to have the loan quickly and with advantageous rates;
  • The salary assignment: the sum to be paid will be withheld from the salary or pension every month. Using the sale in general, advantageous rates and return plans are obtained in ten years even if you are a bad payer or if you have been protested.

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